Moog DFAM vs MOTHER-32: Review and comparison

​DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) is the second semi-modular Moog are releasing in a compact, either standalone or 60hp eurorack form factor, following the Mother-32, and while they may look very similar, they’re actually very different animals. I already did an in-depth review of the Mother-32 (here’s a link to it: – so in this clip I focus more on a review of DFAM, but along the way comparing it to Mother-32, so that by the time it’s over, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how both synths work, and why even though they look the same, the end result gives each its unique character..

Both synths are very similar in that they contain oscillators, filters, envelopes and a patch bay, but there are a few core differences:
1. The sequencers have very different characteristics: DFAM’s sequencer is very analog – it has two tracks – both with continuous CV ranges. It also has a fixed number of 8 steps – though I show ways around that in the clip. In contrast, Mother-32’s sequencer is more flexible in terms of length and supports precisely pitched melodies, as well as a few other sequencing features shown in the clip.
2. Envelopes in DFAM are short, either 1 or 2 step envelopes, geared towards percussive sounds, where the envelope in Mother-32 has either two or three stages.
3. DFAM has two oscillators and no LFO (though each of the oscillators can go as low as single digit hz), whereas Mother-32 as only one LFO, that can go to audio rates.
4. Each has their own flavor of special oscillator goodies (FM in both, Hard sync in DFAM)
5. … and other differences as shown in the clip.

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