Polyend Tracker Review and Tutorial

Tracker from Polyend is a new standalone hardware groovebox based on a grid-sequencing workflow first introduced on Amiga computers in 1987. Tracker is digital, sample based, and it has basic wavetable and granular synthesis capabilities alongside a few interesting sequencing tricks up its sleeve. In this video I look at what it can and can’t do, and its workflow in detail:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Tracker basics
2:40 Overview
5:05 Connectivity
6:10 Sample loader
8:10 Sampling
9:10 Sample Editor
11:30 Sequencing
14:00 Fill
17:20 Recording live
18:00 FX1 & FX2
20:15 Grid tips
22:50 Song mode
24:50 Perform mode
27:40 Master controls
28:25 Sample playback
29:15 Slicing
30:45 Wavetable
33:15 Granular
35:45 Instrument params
37:05 Modulation
39:45 MIDI Sequencing
41:30 Misc Q&A
42:50 Pros and cons
45:20 A few songs

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