Audiofuse vs Studio vs 8PRE - audio interface buyers guide

Arturia Audiofuse vs. Studio vs. 8PRE: Buyer’s guide and checklist for choosing an audio interface

This video has two goals in mind – to put together as comprehensive as possible buyers guide/list of features to look for in an audio interface, and to use that checklist while going through the three interfaces in Arturia’s line up: AudioFuse, AudioFuse Studio, and Audiofuse 8PRE:

0:00 Intro
0:40 AF pros & cons
2:25 8Pre & Studio
3:00 Price
3:10 Inputs
4:30 Preamp specs
5:45 DACs
6:25 Inst support
7:10 Outputs
8:50 Headphones
9:05 Onboard mixer
11:25 Listen/Direct
13:15 Control Center
14:35 Ergonomics
15:20 Class compliance
16:00 Connection type
16:25 Bus power
17:05 Inserts
17:50 ADAT
19:15 Loopback
19:55 USB hub
20:40 MIDI
21:55 Bluetooth
22:30 Talkback
22:45 DSP FX/plugins
23:45 Latency
24:55 Build & portability
25:55 Software
26:05 Conclusion

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