REmindER Review

REmindER Review – Stereo and Quadraphonic Rhythmic Delay by Enjoy Electronics

REmindER from Enjoy Electronics is a desktop effects processor focused on creating rhythmic effects using delays. It can take a simple pattern and evolve it into an elaborate rhythm using multiple delays and selective filtering.

A unique aspect of REmindER is that on top of being stereo it’s also quadraphonic if you want it to be, meaning that it can distribute delay taps across a room in quite a few interesting ways.

It also has a few working modes, which define how you interact with the delay line and change it, for example, you can freeze the delay buffer and play on top of it, or replace portions of it selectively.

In this video I take a look at REmindER compared to other delays, and explore what makes it special:


0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
2:10 Connectivity
3:15 Power delay
5:15 Double pulse
6:55 “VU” meter
7:35 The Filters
10:30 Working modes
11:25 Normal/Add
12:55 Change
13:40 Trig threshold
15:50 Talkover
16:30 Fractional add
17:20 Reverb
18:55 LFO
20:45 Quad options
22:00 Quad swirl
24:25 Misc options 2
5:15 Functional set
25:50 Pros & cons
29:35 Outro jam

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