Torso T-1 generative sequencer review

TORSO T-1 – Generative sequencer review and tutorial

T-1 from Torso Electronics is an algorithmic, or generative sequencer that does things very differently from other sequencers. T-1 combines notes you enter with rhythmic and melodic rules that are applied to them. Rules or tools like euclidean sequencing, arpeggiators, scales, Turing machines and random and shaped LFOs, all applied to notes you feed it, to create a back and forth musical dialogue between you and T-1.

Here’s my full review:


0:00 Intro

1:20 Disclaimer

1:45 Overview

3:10 How the encoders work

3:50 Project scope

4:55 Tracks

6:45 Euclidean tools

8:20 Step sequencing

8:50 Slices/cycles

9:15 Division

9:45 Groove

11:05 Repeats & offset

12:10 Time & pace

12:40 Voicing & style

14:50 Melody & phrase

16:45 Scales

17:20 Experimenting

18:15 Random

20:50 Temp + pattern

22:00 Length & quantize

22:45 Misc

24:05 Pros & cons

28:35 Outro

2 thoughts on “TORSO T-1 – Generative sequencer review and tutorial

  1. Hi !
    I love your videos, a good help to choose the right hardware.

    I have pre-ordered the Torso T1,

    but I would like to know what is the software you are using to watch a vertical piano roll ??? I would like to own the same for the T 1, it makes sens. THANK YOU !

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