LYRA-8 from SOMA Laboratory is a synth that behaves like it’s from outer-space. From otherworldy drones to modulations that certainly aren’t from Kansas, LYRA-8 isn’t like any other synth.

But is that a good thing? Check it out if you’re ready to step outside your comfort and into the twilight zone… (timeline below the video):



0:00 Intro jam
1:35 Overview
4:55 Envelope control
7:45 Modulation
11:00 Cross mod
12:35 Vibrato
13:10 Total feedback
13:30 Hyper LFO
14:25 Delay controls
15:45 Delay modulation
17:05 Drive
17:35 External in
18:45 Hold gate
19:05 CV Delay
19:55 CV Voices
21:00 Pros & cons
22:50 Outro jam

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