Roland TR-6S Review

Roland TR-6S vs TR-8S vs MC-101 – Review and full workflow tutorial

The TR-6S is the “mini-me” version of Roland’s TR-8S. It has the same exact sound engine, 6 tracks instead of 11 and fewer hands-on controls and inputs and outputs, but is more portable, it can be battery powered and takes up less space, and it’s less expensive. In this video I compare it to the TR-8S and the MC-101:


0:00 Intro

0:30 Overview

2:15 TR-6S vs TR-8S

2:25 IO & power

3:05 Controls

3:15 Track knobs

4:45 Other controls

6:25 Variations

7:10 Mixer view

7:25 Sequencing

10:05 Tone banks

12:25 Kit params

13:30 Mutes

14:05 Inst params

15:05 Samples

15:25 TR-6S vs MC101

19:35 Tips & tricks

19:50 Pros & cons

21:10 TR-8S teaser

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