SOMA PULSAR 23 Review, tutorial and 10 patch ideas and tips

Pulsar 23 is SOMA Lab’s 4 voice drum synth, and like their Lyra 8, what makes it special is its semi modular design and embrace of feedback loops.

You can use it like a traditional drum synth, but the whole point is rewiring it using the dozens of pins scattered throughout the surface – giving up control in exchange for unexpected timbres and rhythms. Here’s my full review:


0:00 Intro

1:00 Overview

2:40 Connectivity

6:10 Synth controls

8:45 Bass drum

9:35 Bass

12:00 Snare

13:10 Pitch seq

14:05 Hi hat

14:55 Clock div

16:20 Trig loopers

20:35 MIDI

22:00 Effects

24:45 SHAOS


28:25 Hanductivity

29:10 LFO FM mod

30:00 LFO as osc

31:00 Hard sync

31:50 Using noise

32:30 Env mods

32:45 Patch chains

33:30 Quantized loops

35:55 External clock

36:30 3/4 jam

37:35 Pros & cons

42:25 Outro jam

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