1010Music Bluebox Review

1010Music BLUEBOX Review – Is it the new king of synth mixers?

Bluebox from 1010Music is a 12 track digital mixer designed for synths, eurorack modules and other electronic music instruments. The main idea behind it is simple – to save space on the desktop compared to bigger mixers by not providing mic preamps or hi-Z inputs, and to further shrink things down by replacing the knobs and faders you typically get with mixers, with a touch screen. It also has a multi-track multi-take recorder, which we are seeing more and more of on standalone mixers as well.

Here’s my review:


0:00 Intro
1:05 I/O
2:45 Workflow
5:00 View modes
6:05 Input assigns
7:15 Tracks params
9:05 Internal FX
10:50 Using sends
12:40 Duck!
15:10 EQ
16:00 Compressor
16:35 Recording
17:50 Takes
18:55 Pros, cons

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