Synth Setup Tips 2 with Martin Sturtzer

Synth Setup Tips #2 Ft. Martin Stürtzer: Building performance sets with Ableton Live

You asked for it, so here it is – welcome to another video where I ask a producer that has an interesting setup, detailed questions about how they create music and perform.

My guest is Martin Sturtzer, an electronic music producer from Wuppertal Germany – and though he occasionally uses hardware sequencers like the Digitakt, the central brain for his studio and live performance synth setup is Ableton Live and Push 2. 

Get the details here:


0:00 Intro

1:00 Audio routing

3:15 MIDI routing

4:00 What’s in the rack?

4:55 Sequencing

7:05 Program changes

9:55 MIDI Channel management


11:00 Session sets

15:20 Arrangement sets

17:35 Computer crashes?

19:35 Live looping

24:00 Using effects

25:15 Performance prep

27:25 Improvisation

29:50 Recording

32:50 Outro & more tips

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