UDO Super 6 Full Review

UDO Super 6 Full Review


Super 6 from UDO audio is a 12 voice hybrid synth, with analog filters and digital FPGA based oscillators – which are intended to provide the best of the analog and digital worlds – high frequency modulation like analog oscillators, and waveform flexibility like digital ones. UDO call it binaural and it indeed can split its voices up to work semi-independently in the left and right channels.

Super 6 also has a very opinionated design philosophy, there’s no screen or menus – if you can’t reach a function either directly or with a shift combo, it’s just not there. In this video we’ll take a look at what Super 6 can do, how compares with other synths, including pros and cons, and a few patch tips and ideas to help make the most of it:


0:00 Intro

1:00 Overview

6:05 Connectivity

7:20 Binaural

10:00 DDS 1

11:20 User waves

12:05 DDS 2

14:25 LFO 1

16:55 User LFO

17:30 Analog filter

19:40 Envelopes

20:00 LH control

21:25 Unison

21:40 Arpeggiator

23:25 Sequencer

26:10 Mod matrix

28:15 Effects

29:25 Pros, cons

34:10 Outro

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