Synth trick: How mimic a Subharmonicon with Maths by Make Noise

The Moog Subharmonicon is a lovely instrument that unfortunately, as of June 2018, isn’t available other than the 100 attendees that built it at the 2018 Moogfest Engineering Workshop.

What’s unique about the Subharmonicon is its ability to take a core oscillator and generate sub oscillators at special sub-harmonic frequencies, which can produce harmonically pleasing results. It also has the ability to subdivide a tempo clock and the result is a poly-rhythmic clock that creates interesting patterns, when combined with other sequences clocked at different sub-divisions.

Maths by Make Noise however, is one of the most popular eurorack modules, and it turns out you can mimic the unique oscillator sub-harmonic and tempo subdivisions of the Subharmonicon with it.

The result is that one Maths unit can take a core oscillator generate two additional sub-harmonic oscillators at a broad range of sub-harmonic frequencies. Ditto for tempo subdivisions.

This clip shows you how.

I already explained how to use Maths to subdivide a clock here:

My full review of the Moog Subharmonicon can be found here:

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