Maths by Make Noise is by far the #1 eurorack module on Modular Grid – both in terms of rating and popularity. In this video, I explain what Maths is and why it’s so popular.

Maths sounds complicated and if you’ve heard some of the terms used to describe it – an analog computer, a function generator and various other quadratic equations, it may seem a bit intimidating, but overall, it has three core components: attentuverters, a mixer and slew rate limiters.

It is however the combination of these things, which a few bonus features, that makes Maths such a versatile module.

In this clip I give an example of 22 things you can use it for:

1. Audio level control (for example, to reduce eurorack audio levels to line level)
2. A simple voltage generator
3. Mod depth control for external LFOs and envelopes.
4. Signal/waveform inversion
5. An audio mixer
6. Slew for glide/portamendo effects.
7. It has multiple ways to trigger envelopes.
8. It can generate two separate AD (Attack-Delay) Envelopes.
9. Envelope curves can be linear, exponential, logarithmich, or any combination thereof, generating “sharkfin” type envelopes.
10. It can generate ASR (Attack-Sustain-Release) envelopes
11. Various type LFOs
12. Math can behave as a voltage controller oscillator (VCO)
13. By creating two VCOs and patching one to the other you can create FM style sounds
14. With a bit of patching, Maths can create extremely slow LFOs (up to 25 minutes)
15. Maths can behave as an envelope follower…
16. … which can be used as Sidechain
17. It can be a simple clock…
18. … and perform as a clock divider
19. You can mix envelopes and LFOs to create complex shapes, such as a fast LFO riding a slow LFO
20. The OR output can be used to create even more complex waveforms, as well as act as a rectifier that only allow positive voltages.
21. Maths can process sounds fimilar to a filter with optional resonance
22. In a pinch, Maths can act as a VCA

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