Maschine Auto Sampler Tutorial

The New Maschine 2.15 Auto Sampler // Bonus Korg 700FS multisamples // Tutorial & tips

In this video I take a look at the new auto-sampling capabilities added as a free upgrade to Maschine+ and the Maschine software, with quite a few tips and ideas on how to use them well.

Auto-sampling is a technique that lets you automatically sample multiple notes at multiple velocities of hardware synths or complex software instruments and put them into a compact,  portable and CPU friendly format that you can use independently of the original hardware or software instrument. 

Here’s the full video:


0:00 Intro

0:20 Why bother?

3:30 Walkthrough

4:00 Audio/MIDI

4:55 Pad prep

5:40 Params

6:35 Rec length

7:20 Note Map

8:20 Velocity Map

9:40 Find loop

10:15 Trim silence

11:10 Normalize

11:50 Editing samples

14:00 Sound design

15:35 Sound export

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