Majella Implexus Review and Tutorial

Majella IMPLEXUS // Wild West (Coast) Wave Wrangler – Is it worth it? Review and Tutorial

Implexus is an analog mono-synth inspired by both east and west coast synthesis techniques. It’s a knob per function synth – there’s no shift key or hidden features, unless you count the small patch bay in the back, that makes it both semi modular in a limited way, and allows you to extend what the synth can do.

It makes sounds many analog synths can’t, its build is excellent and it has the price to match, so the question is, is it worth it? In this video I’ll take a look at what it can do, including pros and cons, and let you decide:


0:00 Intro

1:35 Overview

3:35 Connectivity

4:05 East vs West

5:20 Complex gen

6:05 Sub osc

6:20 Complex mods

9:30 LFOs

10:50 Filter

12:50 Delay

13:50 Envelopes

14:50 MIDI

16:30 Tuner

17:05 Pitch control

17:25 Paraphony

19:10 Filter keyboard tracking

20:10 Filter FM

20:50 Velocity mods

21:45 Clock to Gate

23:45 LFO to Clock

25:10 Pros & cons

28:30 Outro

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