Waldorf Iridium Review

Waldorf IRIDIUM Review and full tutorial (applicable to Quantum too)

Iridium from Waldorf is a 16 voice, polyphonic, bi-timbral, stereo, digital hardware synth. It’s the desktop version of Quantum, and it trades in Quantum’s analog filters for a lower price tag, more voices, a smaller footprint, and a few additional features.

It has almost every synth engine and feature in the book, so the big question is how accessible and usable those features are, and if there are any tradeoffs compared to Quantum. Here’s my full review:


0:00 Overview

7:50 User Interface

13:00 Osc controls

13:55 Wavetable

18:10 Waveform

21:15 Sampler

22:15 Multisamples

24:25 Granular

27:30 Live granular

28:40 Resonator

32:45 Kernels synth

38:00 Subharmonic kernels

39:05 Kernel macros

41:40 Stereo filters 4

5:15 Digi former

47:50 Effects

50:30 Modulation

53:10 Controllers

55:15 LFOs

56:10 Envelopes

57:15 Komplex mod

58:30 Layers & unison

1:00:20 Arpeggiator

1:01:40 Sequencer

1:04:13 Pad config

1:05:00 Pad trig sequencer

1:06:55 Misc

1:08:10 vs Quantum

1:09:00 Pros & cons  

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