Yamaha Montage M Loopop Review

Yamaha Montage M Review, What’s new, Poly AT keybed & AN-X explored // M6/M7/M8x Tutorial

Montage M is Yamaha’s latest flagship synth: It builds on the existing popular Montage platform and adds significantly enhanced hands-on controls with new encoders and an extra parameter display, a new virtual analog-style synth engine, on top of the existing sample and FM engines, up to 400 voice polyphony – which means plenty of split and layer capabilities, and expanded sample content and user sample storage area.

In this video, I take a look at what’s new compared to the previous Montage and MODX line, what the Montage workflow is like, and pros and cons compared to the competition:

0:00 Intro

1:20 Keybed

3:10 AN-X

3:35 More knobs

4:20 Sub-display

6:30 Navigation

7:05 Super Knob

9:15 Polyphony

11:10 Misc new

12:05 I/O

13:00 Live sets

13:50 Perf

15:25 Parts

16:10 Elements

16:20 You are here!

17:40 Splits, layers

18:10 10,000 arps

19:55 Rhythms

21:25 Scenes

21:20 Effects

24:15 Mixer

24:50 AN-X details

31:00 AWM2

33:00 FM-X

36:00 FM morph

37:30 Motion ctrl

40:40 Motion seq

42:30 Env follower

43:25 Songs

44:15 Patterns

45:15 DAW remote

45:40 Multisamples

46:00 Pros & cons

50:35 Outro/presets

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