Kaoss Replay

Korg Kaoss Replay Review: Pros & cons vs the competition (SP404 MK2, MPC, Blackbox)

Korg’s Kaoss Replay takes inspiration from the XY-pad-centric interface of their old Kaoss products, but is really it’s own thing.

It has 16 velocity-sensitive pads; it can sample, resample and play back samples and whole songs, the Kaoss pad is now a hi-res touch screen and lets you use Replay as a live processing machine with 128 built-in effects, it’s got DJ-style mix, cue and group controls with two faders, and it can also, with some limitations, be used as a basic live looper.

In this video I take a detailed look at what it can do, and explore its pros and cons in light of the competition, including the SP404 MK2, MPC One and others:

0:00 Intro

1:30 Overview

2:40 Pad, banks

4:55 Faders, groups

5:20 Program, Cue

7:05 Native, Ref BPM

7:45 I/O

8:50 Monitor

9:40 SD import

12:20 Pad edit

14:25 Time-stretch

16:30 Quantize

17:15 Vari pitch

18:15 KAOSS FX

18:35 Filters

19:00 Mod fx

19:25 LFO fx

19:55 Delay, verb

20:35 Loop fx

21:20 Vocoder fx

21:50 Voice fx

23:25 Synth fx

24:30 Sampling

25:45 Looper?

28:15 Live rec

28:45 Misc

29:10 MIDI

29:20 Pros, cons

33:30 Outro

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