AKAI MPC ONE Review and full workflow tutorial

Akai MPC One Review and Full Workflow Tutorial

The Akai MPC One is a music production sampler, synth and sequencer that works both standalone, as well as a controller for Akai’s MPC Music Production Software.

MPC One has a lot of the capabilities of its bigger brothers, the MPC X and MPC Live, in a much more compact and affordable package, though with some tradeoffs which I’ll cover.

In this video I’ll focus what MPC One can do standalone, without a computer attached to it, compare it to MPC Live, go over its entire production workflow including all the ways you can sample and sequence, and of course discuss pros and cons compared to other competing products on the market:


0:00 Intro

1:10 Overview

2:25 Connectivity

4:20 Is it worth it?

4:45 vs MPC Live

5:55 Terminology

6:55 Track overview

8:55 Sample pool

9:50 Drum programs

15:20 Plugins

18:50 Keygroups

20:40 Auto sample

22:35 Clip programs

25:05 MIDI programs

26:50 CV programs

28:05 Audio tracks

30:10 Sampling

33:40 Looper

34:30 Resampling

35:45 Timing correct

35:55 Recording live

36:30 Step sequencing

37:40 Automation

41:00 Q-LINK knobs

43:45 Performance controls

46:20 Song options

49:35 Effects

52:40 Pros & cons

4 thoughts on “Akai MPC One Review and Full Workflow Tutorial

  1. Hey Loopop, great review! As usual.

    I just bought a used, mint MPC one (the only one in America I could find online at the time,) from a guy on Reverb.com based on your review. You answered pretty much all my questions.

    The problem is that, after plugging in an un-powered USB hub to run a couple of synths, as you did, my MPC One won’t start back up. Not until I either unplug it from the wall or take the hub out.

    Have you experienced this problem?

    I ask because I’m working with Akai support. And of course they’re saying that USB hubs cause issues. Yet in the newest MPC One manual they mention the use of USB hubs, and suggest getting a “high quality” powered hub. There’s no mention of “hub issues” there.

    Have you had any problems powering up since using a hub with your MPC One? I feel like I’m about to get stuck with a bad unit.


      1. Because online I’m finding in forums where people are also having problems with powered hubs. Specifically the “RSHTECH” brand, but it could be any brand.

        So to answer your question … I would buy a powered hub if Akai would come out with a list of models they’ve tested.

        And by the way … I don’t hold you responsible in any way, just because you happened to mention you were using a hub and hadn’t had any problems. I blame Akai for clearly stating in their manual that “high quality, powered hubs are recommended.” But in no way did they warn us away from using un-powered hubs. So they alone own the hub problem, and need to resolve it.

        Thanks Loopop. All the best,

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