Five12 Vector Sequencer Review

Five12 Vector Eurorack Sequencer – Review and in-depth tutorial

Vector is a Eurorack sequencer from Five12 – it’s a digital sequencer that lets you sequence up to 8 parts (tracks) simultaneously, with either a monophonic melody, chords or drums – both over control voltage , and also thru multiple MIDI outputs.

Vector doesn’t do everything, but it does quite a few things other sequencers just can’t. In this video I take a look at the things that make it special, what its workflow is like and of course pros and cons:


0:00 Intro 

0:45 Overview 

2:00 Inputs and outputs 

3:00 The basic workflow 

5:05 Sequencing 

8:00 Lane types 

11:40 Sequence controls 

13:40 Chord parts 

15:25 Drum parts 

16:40 Chance ops 

18:50 Sequence ops 

23:00 Sub sequencers 

27:15 CV mods 

28:20 Playlists 

29:25 Dashboard 

30:00 Pros & cons 

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