Faderfox EC4 review

Faderfox EC4 Review – Compact MIDI control with digital labels

EC4 from Faderfox is a MIDI controller for hardware instruments, DAWs and software instruments, and the reason it’s worth taking a look at is this screen, which lets you label each knob on the controller so that you know what it actually does across multiple setups or controller groups.  In this video, I review EC4’s pros and cons, explore  how to use it and look at some alternatives:


0:00 Intro
1:55 Alternatives
2:35 Overview
4:10 Ableton Live
6:05 Hardware control
8:20 Display modes
9:00 Programming
9:35 Edit mode
12:25 Name mode
13:00 MIDI learn
13:20 Setup mode
15:00 Browser editor
16:20 Monitor
16:35 Pros & cons 

2 thoughts on “Faderfox EC4 Review – Compact MIDI control with digital labels

  1. Alternatives?
    I currently use a MIDI Fighter Twister but I like the EC4 labels and form factor.

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