Launchpad Pro MK3 vs Launchpad X

LAUNCHPAD PRO MK3 vs LAUNCHPAD X – Review and tutorial of Novation’s top MIDI controllers

Launchpad Pro MK3 and LaunchPad X are the newest iterations of the large and medium-sized, grid-based MIDI controllers from Novation. They don’t make any sounds on their own, but rather are designed to play and control other software or hardware instruments and are also deeply integrated with Ableton Live.

This video is an in-depth comparison, review and tutorial of both controllers:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Main differences
3:45 Live session
4:30 Mixer controls
5:40 Track selection
6:25 Device controls
7:30 Misc Pro features
8:45 Note mode
10:30 Custom layouts
14:15 Chord mode
17:00 Sequencer setup
18:30 Step sequencing
20:35 Automation
21:15 Probability
22:05 Mutation
22:55 Micro-step
24:00 Print to clip
24:25 Arpeggiator?
24:55 Pattern settings
26:05 Pattern view
26:50 Scenes
27:25 Projects
28:05 Seq + session
28:55 Setup
29:25 Pros & cons

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