Bitbox Micro vs Bitbox MK2: Review, tutorial and detailed comparison of 1010music's new samplers

Bitbox Micro vs Bitbox MK2: Review, tutorial, and detailed comparison of 1010music’s new samplers

1010Music just released a new MK2 hardware version of BitBox and a new “mini-me” version of it – Bitbox Micro – two of the most powerful and flexible eurorack samplers, sample players and loopers. In this video, I take a look at what they can do in detail, the differences between the two and pros and cons for each.


0:00 MK2 vs Micro

0:25 Stress test

1:50 Main differences

2:40 Inputs and outputs

6:20 Using the screen and knobs, overall workflow

7:20 Editing pads

9:00 Home and Tools screens

9:55 Playing onscreen keys and scales

10:30 Mixing pads & Effects

12:15 Sample options

16:35 Clip loops

18:20 Live looping

19:50 Slicer

20:55 Granular

22:00 Multisampling

26:25 Phased loops

28:30 Modulation

30:20 FXbox and Synthbox

30:55 Pros and cons

34:00 Phased outro

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