nymphes review tutorial tips and tricks

Dreadbox NYMPHES Review – An analog poly with an interesting mono twist – Tutorial, tips & ideas

Nymphes is a compact polyphonic 6-voice analog synth from Dreadbox, that might also be the most interesting mono synth I’ve seen recently.

Despite its size, and the fact that it may seem to have relatively few controls, it still packs a few original ideas and extensive modulation and expression based controls. In this video I take a look at how to use it, a few patch ideas leveraging its unique features, and pros and cons compared to other similar synths on the market:


0:00 Intro

1:05 Overview

2:30 Menu nav

4:25 Diving in

4:45 Unison

6:05 Chords

7:55 Expression

10:00 Multi mods

11:05 LFO 1 & 2

12:05 LFO as env

12:55 PWM

13:20 LFO rates

14:50 Key sync

15:10 Oscillators

15:55 LPF

16:40 Envelopes

17:25 Reverb

19:00 Tips & ideas

19:20 MIDI CCs

19:40 LFO 2 to modulate LFO 1

20:00 Chord glide

20:20 Load x 2

20:55 Subharmonics

22:25 Pros & cons

25:45 Outro

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