Circuit Tracks Review and Tutorial

Circuit TRACKS vs Circuit OG: Review and full tutorial for Novation’s new groovebox

In this video I take an in-depth look at how the new Circuit Tracks from Novation compares to the original Circuit (and briefly the Circuit Rhythm which isn’t officially available as of the making of this video, so there’s not much known); then I go through an overview of what Circuit Tracks can do assuming you’re not familiar with Circuit at all, and finally, as usual, pros and cons and compared to other products on the market:


0:00​ Intro

1:10​ Tracks vs Circuit

7:10​ Tracks vs Rhythm?

8:20​ Overview

11:25​ Sequencing

12:00​ Sample flip

12:40​ 1-16/17-32

13:15​ Pattern settings

14:15​ Melodic seq

14:50​ Scales

15:15​ Live rec

16:15​ Editing steps

17:00​ Micro steps

17:25​ Probability

18:05​ Mutate

19:05​ Ratchets

19:50​ Automation

21:50​ MIDI seq

22:30​ Effects

23:10​ Sidechain

24:55​ Pattern grid

26:15​ View lock

27:30​ Scenes

29:10​ Projects, packs

29:50​ Components

32:35​ Melody w/samples

35:00​ Pros & cons

38:35​ Outro jam

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