Metropolix Review and tutorial

Intellijel Metropolix Review and Full Tutorial

Metropolix from Intellijel is the follow up to their popular Metropolis sequencer. It takes the same core idea – a sequencer where not all the stages are the same duration – and expands on that in multiple different ways.

Is it the ultimate melodic brainstorming tool? In this video I take a look at everything it can do, including pros and cons compared to other sequencers:


0:00​ Intro

1:00​ Sliders & switches

2:05​ What’s old?

3:30​ What’s new?

3:55​ Two tracks

5:10​ New lanes

6:30​ More news

8:45​ Stage buttons

10:40​ Track controls

13:35​ Knobs & IO

15:10​ This setup

17:10​ Home screens

17:35​ Mod tracks

21:15​ Skip invert

22:30​ Decoupling 1 & 2

23:20​ “Split view”

24:20​ Pitch override

26:45​ Accumulator

28:40​ Loopy

29:20​ Split kbd/seq

30:30​ Using presets

32:40​ Pros & cons

37:45​ Outro track

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