bastl softpop 2 review and tutorial

SoftPop 2 Review – A Refreshingly Original Semi-modular Synth // Tutorial, vs OG Bastl SoftPop

Softpop 2 is a refreshingly original semi modular synth. It isn’t wired like other synths, and it has quite a unique choice of modules. It’s an analog monophonic synth with digital controls, that’s designed to explore what happens when things aren’t wired up the way they’re supposed to in most synths – kind of like the synth version of a logic puzzle. Rather than a simple linear modular arrangement, Softpop encourages circular patching and feedback – and the result can be anything from soft popping bubbles, thru traditional synth sounds, to aggressive bit crushed style madness.

Here’s my full review:


0:00 Intro

2:15 Overview

4:45 Why it’s original

7:25 Oscillator

7:50 PWM

8:55 Quantization

9:30 Filter

10:25 Pop/Pixel

10:45 Env/LFO

11:20 Scales

12:30 Sequencer

13:35 Step seq

14:55 Chains

15:15 Scale seq

16:10 Play modes

17:25 Temp FX

17:50 Clock sync

18:45 The Orb


19:20 Sidechain

19:55 Pop envelope

20:35 Rate push

21:10 Env osc sync

22:00 Mod thru scale

22:40 Seq length

23:10 Extra seq track

24:35 XY as xfade

25:00 “Krell” patch

26:15 vs OG Softpop

27:45 Pros & cons

30:35 Outro

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