Korg OD-S test drive

Korg NUTEKT OD-S Analog Drive Pedal, Built and Tested with Guitar and Synth

OD-S is an analog overdrive pedal kit from Korg’s NUTEKT brand.  It was announced at Winter NAMM 2020 and was available as part of several DIY workshops at the Korg booth, where I built it. It’s based on Korg’s new analog triode vacuum tube, designed to give the same performance as conventional vacuum tubes in a more compact and stable form. In this video I quickly walk you through the build process and run synth and guitar sounds through it (with the kind help of Static from Korg):


0:00 Intro

0:30 The Build

1:25 The Controls

2:10 Synth test

4:15 Wide on/off

5:10 Guitar test

6:50 Slightly subtle

7:30 Various tones

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