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Korg DRUMLOGUE Review and Tutorial: Top Pros & Cons and All 64 Factory Patterns

Drumlogue is a hybrid drum machine with four analog tracks, six sample based tracks, and another digital synth track – which, with an open SDK has the potential to expand drumlogue’s sonic capabilities far beyond what you get in the box. It has extensive IO if you want to process tracks with external effects or control it via MIDI and USB, and a relatively easy-to-use interface. In this video, I’ll take an in-depth look at what makes it tick, including pros and cons compared to other drum machines and groove boxes:

0:00 Intro

1:20 Overview

6:15 Connectivity

7:15 Sample parts

11:40 Analog parts

14:25 Multi engine

15:05 VPM

17:15 Noise

17:55 Nano

21:30 Sequencing

22:10 Live rec

22:50 Motion rec

24:45 Step seq

25:10 Groove

26:10 Probability

27:10 Ratchets

28:00 Ties

28:30 Motion seq

30:20 Shift buttons

31:00 Polymeters

31:35 Send FX

33:35 Master FX

34:45 Sidechain

36:25 Loop

37:10 Select

38:25 Randomize

39:00 Chains

39:35 Audio in and out

41:50 Misc settings

43:45 Pros & cons

49:10 All 64 patterns

2 thoughts on “Korg DRUMLOGUE Review and Tutorial: Top Pros & Cons and All 64 Factory Patterns

  1. I really liked your Drumlogue tutorial, it was really helpful! One thing: I can’t seem to figure out how to control the Nano engine in a “typical” keyboard fashion – and Korg’s “customer service” is apparently non-existent. Is there a particular setting one must use in order to control the synth that way? Thank you!

  2. By now, it is likely apparent that the post from Mr. Epworth has been resolved with the two firmware updates released this year…



    With the updates, I am now able to connect my AKAI MK3 Mini to the Drumlogue and play samples or the VPN synths chromatically. I believe in the Global Settings, I switch between Channels 11-4 for the synths, and Channels 7-2 for playing samples. I can even utilize the Arpeggiators in the AKAI and have found that setting the tempo on the MK3 to exactly half of the Tempo used on the Drumlogue produces perfectly time-synced results.

    With those firmware updates, the Drumlogue really takes on more of a ‘work-station’ element, rather than being just a drum machine.

    The only question I have for Korg and the world at large is, “what is up with every organization releasing half-functional minimal-viable-products. People want the product that was advertised. I didn’t agree to purchase an MVP which only offered a percentage of the features that were touted in their promotional material. I wanted to purchase the ‘finished product’ that I use now, after the 1.2 patch was installed. And this minimal-viable-product issue isn’t just occurring with Korg. This has become far too normalized for just about every tech company and product manufacturer out there in 2023. I am a strong supporter of the agile framework, but the MVP school of product management simply doesn’t work for every type of product out there. And it shouldn’t be used for every product out there… 737MAX anyone?

    The only other issue I have with many of these tech organizations and electronic instrument manufacturers is the lack of a robust, well written manual. But, thanks to good folks like Loopop, he becomes our manual!! Many thanks Loopop… without your videos, I would be lost in 2023!!

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