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Korg KeyStage Review: MIDI 2.0 finally works – let’s see what it can do

KeyStage from Korg is the first keyboard I’ve seen that actually seems to have a working implementation of MIDI 2.0’s capability of automatically mapping synth parameters on a controller. It also has a polyphonic aftertouch keybed, OLED sub-screens for each knob to show you what it does in your DAW or plugin, and interesting built-in arpeggiator and chord modes. It has an output-only audio interface, and a simple integration with Ableton live.

Here’s my full review:


0:00 Intro

1:15 Overview

2:55 MIDI 2.0

4:15 Wavestate

5:40 Gadget

7:15 Poly AT

9:05 Keybed

9:25 Ableton

11:40 Arp

14:05 Chords

15:55 MIDI CCs

16:30 Scenes

16:55 I/O

17:15 The plate

17:35 Pros, cons

19:00 Outro

One thought on “Korg KeyStage Review: MIDI 2.0 finally works – let’s see what it can do

  1. hi,
    in case you would not know : I have released WoodSynth 3.6 which supports midi v2 (both CI property exchange and 32 bits UMP) and which works fine with the new Korg Keystage.
    Both on MacOS and iOS.

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