Erica Synths Perkons Review and Tutorial

PERKONS HD-01 Review – Did Erica Synths bottle up thunder in drum synth? Detailed tutorial here

Perkons from Erica Synths is a hybrid analog and digital, four-voice drum synth (and also a drone synth), that takes hands-on controls to the extreme – giving you per voice tone and sequencing control. It’s more expensive and more focused than other drum machines but does have a character that makes it sound different. In this video I explore what makes it tick, its different voice engines, as well as pros and cons compared to other drum synths:

0:00 Intro

1:30 Overview

3:45 Grid views

5:05 Connectivity

5:40 Banks

6:30 Sound engines

8:00 Voice 1

10:05 Voice 2

12:10 Voice 3

16:05 Voice 4

19:05 BB Delay

20:50 Compressor

21:50 MIDI control

22:15 External FX

24:05 Tempo

24:35 Sequencing

25:00 Speed & groove

25:45 Play modes

26:35 Ratchet & odds

29:00 Live rec

29:20 Motion seq

29:50 Param locks

31:15 Accents

31:45 LFO

34:20 Pros & cons

39:05 Outro

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