Circuit Rhythm vs Tracks

Novation Circuit Rhythm vs Tracks – Review and tutorial

Circuit Rhythm is the non-identical twin brother of Circuit Tracks from Novation, with new sampling and sample mangling features and real time audio effects, though in comparison to Circuit Tracks, at the expense of the two synth engines and a few other features.

In this video I look at the differences between the two in detail, then an in depth look at what’s new in Circuit Rhythm, an overview of similar features for those of you not familiar with Circuit Tracks, and finally, pros and cons compared to alternative instruments. I also play all 16 preset patterns at the end of the video:


0:00 Intro

1:30 vs Tracks

5:55 Similarities

6:20 Connectivity

7:40 Sampling

10:55 Trimming

12:30 Sound design

14:15 Live slice

16:55 Grid FX

20:55 Sequencing

22:25 Sample flips

24:05 Drum pad sequencing

24:30 Note repeats

25:45 Sequencer parameters

26:50 Mutate

27:40 Pattern settings

28:50 Automation

30:05 Mixer

30:50 Effects

31:50 Sidechain

32:50 Patterns

33:50 Scenes

35:25 Misc

36:20 Pros & cons

40:10 All 16 preset patterns and songs

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