MOD Dwarf review

Review: MOD DWARF can revolutionize your setup, if you let it (and a comparison to ZOIA and Beebo)

DWARF is the latest entry by MOD Devices into a category of pedals that don’t just chain effects but also attempt to make your creative hardware setup dreams come. It’s part multi-effect and part modular patching environment. In this video I take a look at what it does, the top things that make it special, how it compares to competing products in this emerging category (mainly ZOIA and Beebo) and pros and cons of course:


0:00 Intro

1:45 What is it?

2:50 Overview

5:40 Connectivity

6:45 This setup

7:30 Editing boards

8:45 Pedal chains

9:40 Mapping knobs

11:00 Presets

12:10 Pedal types

13:00 CV mapping

15:00 LFO example

17:05 Generators

20:30 MIDI FX

21:00 CPU Mgmt

21:55 Patch walkthru

24:15 Pedal store

25:34 Misc

26:10 Pros & cons

31:50 Outro

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