Plinky synth review

PLINKY Review – a charming portable granular and wavetable synth

Plinky is a combination multi-sampler, granular, virtual analog and wavetable synth with a pressure sensitive playing surface. It has 8 voice polyphony, is stereo, has both an arpeggiator and sequencer, envelopes, four LFOs and a comprehensive mod matrix, and all in an interface that actually makes sense once you get it.

It works both standalone and can be mounted in a Eurorack case – and you can buy it either as a DIY kit or fully assembled, assuming it’s in stock.  In this video I walk through how it works including pros and cons:


0:00 Intro

1:20 Overview

2:00 Note mode

3:55 Tape mode

5:00 Editing params

8:00 Connectivity

10:20 Storage

11:35 DIY kit

12:10 This setup

13:10 Synth

15:00 Sampler

15:30 Sampling

17:00 Slicing

18:20 Multisamples

20:10 Granular

23:35 Noise, distortion

24:05 Resonant LPG

25:05 Effects

26:40 Arpeggiator

27:30 Euclidean

28:50 Sequencer

30:50 Mod matrix

32:30 ABXY explained

37:00 Pros & cons

41:25 Outro

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