soma cosmos review and tutorial

Soma Labs COSMOS Review, tutorial and 8 performance tips and ideas

SOMA Labs are known for making non-traditional instruments, and Cosmos is no different. Unlike regular loopers, Cosmos records multiple loops at the same time, in stereo – each at a slightly different length. The offset playback of loops quickly results in something almost, but not quite entirely unlike what you feed it. Which as the label says, becomes a drifting, distant memory.

Cosmos also does a few other interesting things, all of which I’ll take a close look at in this video, including its different algorithms, other features, as well as a few pros and cons:


0:00 Intro

1:30 Overview

4:30 This setup

5:15 Two delays

7:05 Four delays

7:45 Blur & Drift

9:35 Giant reverb

10:20 Granular delay

11:30 Feedback

12:00 Compressor

13:10 Suppressor

13:45 A FEW TIPS

14:00 Simple looping

14:40 Direct 2 phase

15:20 Blur freeze

16:00 Spectral control

16:35 Pass it on

17:10 Reverse toggle

17:40 No undo

18:00 Always record!

18:20 Pros & cons

20:55 Cosmic drift

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