Synth setup tips 3 with Julia Bondar

Synth Setup Tips #3 – Julia Bondar’s Compact Techno Eurorack/MIDI Rig and Performance

Welcome to another video where I ask a producer to get into the details of how they create music and perform. Part #1 looked at a DAWless setup, Part #2 at a setup using Ableton Live, and in this episode we look at a hybrid MIDI and Eurorack setup.

My guest this time is Julia Bondar – I reached out after I saw her 90-minute live set – where she performed multiple tracks non-stop, and I was curious about how she plans out her setup and performance. So, I sent her a bunch of detailed questions and luckily she agreed to answer all of them – here’s a look at Julia’s setup, workflow and performance strategies:


0:00​ Intro

1:45​ Studio tour

4:45​ Live setup overview

7:45​ Patch from scratch

10:05​ Mixer setup

11:00​ Drums, MIDI to CV

13:20​ Samples, delay

17:35​ Melodic layer

18:50​ Velocity-to-loop trick

20:05​ Tuning & lead voice

28:40​ Recording vs live

29:50​ Secondary sequencer

33:55​ Performance demo

46:55​ Sequencing plan

49:10​ Building tension

51:50​ Track transitions

53:00​ Mixing and sidechain

53:55​ Reverb on bass

55:40​ Conducting the patch

57:00​ Live mixing

57:50​ Composing

58:50​ Polyrhythms/meters

1:04:10​ Recording setup

1:08:15​ Mixing, mastering

1:10:30​ Outro, more tips

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