SYNTRX full review

SYNTRX: review and sound design tutorial – EMS Synthi reimagined by Erica Synths

SYNTRX from Erica Synths is inspired by the interface of the legendary EMS Synthi AKS, a modular synth with a pin matrix designed to overcome the hassle of patch cables.

SYNTRX however has one major difference, and that’s a digitally controlled patch matrix with presets.

This video contains a detailed review and feature walkthrough for this synth, including multiple patch ideas and sound examples:


0:00 Intro

1:00 The matrix

5:10 Overview

6:35 Connectivity

8:20 Oscillators

12:15 Sample & hold

14:25 Filter

16:25 Output filters

17:20 Ring mod

18:30 Spring reverb

20:40 Trapezoid

24:30 Joystick

25:25 Meter

25:55 Speakers

26:55 Input channels


28:25 Chords

29:40 Polyphony

30:50 FM & Vibrato

32:00 Sync mod

32:15 Whale call

33:05 Ring horn

33:45 On the run

35:30 FX send

36:45 Pros & cons

39:35 Outro forest

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