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When two become one: DISTING EX by Expert Sleepers – Review, tutorial and comparison to DISTING MK4

Disting MK4 is one of Eurorack’s most popular modules, and now, two of them have been fused together and improved in the form of Disting EX: a module from Expert Sleepers that can work in one of two modes – either Dual Mode – a bundle of two Disting MK4’s with a high res screen and a few improved features, and in Single Mode, where the entire set of jacks and controls serve a new set of algorithms that only exist on Disting EX, and can take advantage of a bigger canvas of six inputs instead of three, four outputs instead of two, four knobs instead of two, and additional expansion options using connectivity in the back. Here’s the full review and comparison to Disting MK4:


0:00 Intro

0:35 What is Disting

2:15 Dual MK4 control

3:45 1+1>2

5:20 EX Overview

7:30 EX Algorithms

10:45 Using EX

13:40 Presets

14:00 Mappings

19:05 Auto-sample

22:25 Pros & cons

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