Moog Subharmonicon review and tutorial

The New Moog Subharmonicon Reviewed: Full Tutorial with 9 patch ideas and pairings

Two years after I built the workshop edition of the Subharmonicon, Moog is releasing a new mass-production version. It’s better in several few ways – here’s the full review, including quite a few patching and pairing ideas:


0:00 Intro

0:50 What are Subharmonics

3:20 Overview

5:40 Oscillators

7:30 Quantization

8:15 Tunings

9:40 Assign & Seq Oct

11:05 Filter & VCA

13:30 Sequencer

16:40 Hidden features


18:00 EnveLFO

18:45 Sequence anything


20:00 LFO

20:30 Rhythm & bypass

21:30 External sequencer

21:50 Paraphony

23:40 Polyphony

24:15 Transpose seq

26:00 Effects (Hainbach!)

29:40 Pros & cons

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