modular analog ram

Modular/Analog “RAM”? How to store generative melodies & rhythms using sample & hold and a sequential switch

The thing that makes modules like Turing Machine and Marbles unique isn’t just their ability to generate random sequences, but also their ability to freeze randomness once a compelling pattern is presented to you. These modules are digital, so they can easily store patterns temporarily. However, what if you used a different system to build generative patterns – how would you go about storing those patterns in an analog or modular environment?

This video describes two patches inspired by the Mutate and Deviate function of Novation’s newest Launchkeys, and proposes a simple solution for storing randomized patterns and melodies – using multiple sample and hold modules and a sequential switch. It’s shown using VCV Rack but obviously can be implemented using hardware modules:


0:00 Intro

0:30 Mutate & deviate

1:20 Frozen randomness

2:05 Push-button melody

3:40 How it works

4:20 Storage costs

4:45 Switch sequencing

5:05 Generative controls

5:45 Rhythmic dice roll

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